Turing Machine

Turing Machine

A New Machine For Living

Jade Tree

First thought was “damn, I wish I could play drums like that.” Second thought was “wow.” Hard and beautiful and melodic and chaotic and driving and uplifting. Turing machine spin webs of rhythm and beats that infect you. Unless you’re dead, this will make you move. Consisting of members from Pitchblende, these three create a solid wall of rock emo instrumentals that shift like liquid bricks. Heavy as the Melvins at times, and as dynamic as Don Caballero, Turing Machine slide so nice. Math rock without the math… or maybe it’s fractal. It’s evil, at times, and then without warning, becomes almost sacred. Unpredictable, yet catchy… or catching. It’s contagious. The final song, “Swiss Grid,” clocking in at just over ten minutes, is the perfect way to end the album. Start over.

Jade Tree, 2310 Kennwynn Rd., Wilmington, DE 19810; http://www.jadetree.com

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