La Makita Soma

La Makita Soma

Last year’s Monkey Island album from La Makita Soma was a much-loved lucky find. Guitar, bass and drums met vibes, trumpet, and electronics in a post-rock environment, stole each others’ trade secrets, and proceeded to make some intriguing music together. Thus I was thrilled to see that they were at SXSW. They played a small stage in an outdoor courtyard behind a club on a somewhat chilly night, barely beating the downpour of rain. Projectors covered them in multiple images that were ultimately juxtaposed on a screen in the back. They played fantastic, but a lot of their newer songs have gone down a dancier, almost techno road that kinda loses me along the way. While the grooves of past used to be constantly shifting, the newer stuff seemed to be okay with finding a groove and exploring it ad nauseum. It was great to watch them play and merge all the elements together live but I was just a little disappointed in their new direction. Apparently there have been some member changes, which might explain things.

They still have some unusual approaches and ideas, they just seem to be venturing into territory that, sadly enough, I’m not too interested in.

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