Love’s Labour’s Lost

Love’s Labour’s Lost

Written by William Shakespeare

Directed by Dennis Delaney

Starring Rik Walter, Eric Hissom, Richard Width, Jean Tafler, and Steve Lyons

The Bookish King of Navarre (Walter) and his 3 close friends (Hissom, Width, Lyons) swear an oath to spend the next 3 years in scholarly pursuit, fasting, reading, and not speaking to any women. You can imaging how long THAT lasts — about as long as it takes to hear the Princess of France (Tafler) and her 3 hot ladies in waiting to send a little “yoo-hoo, boys.” Well, the king feels a bit guilty about giving up an oath just sort of instantly, so little miss Your Highness has to camp out in the backyard while the boys figure out what to do about this intrusion. Four lusty young men? Four busty young girls? Hmmm, let me see… mix up a few love letters? Try and act disinterested? Swap identities? Dress up in a bear skin? All good ideas, and we’ll toss in the slightly bizarre Spanish Knight Duke Armado (David Snizek). He’s of a mind to join the university, majoring in milkmaids. The career opportunity isn’t so great, but at least he gets a girl right away. The Princess convinced the guilty King to hide in the woods for a year, just in case she gets a better offer. Only a few minors are left in the singles bar by curtain, and no one is beheaded.

Despite the stock plot, there’s plenty of room for innovation by the players. Hissom’s semi-planned prat falls and mooning love scene, Moth’s (Holly Haire) overwrought aria, and Duke Armado’s duel to the underwear stand forth. Plus, you’ll get a whole year’s worth of vouching safe and swearing fore. Love overcomes good intention, and it’s a lot more fun.

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