Emo’s, Austin, TX

We had come downtown in the early afternoon, mostly just to get something to eat. Walking back to the hotel, we heard a familiar song. A Pegboy song. Was that a CD? No… must be a band doing a soundcheck. Okay, that was crowd applause. What a great cover — it sounded so authentic. Wait, isn’t this another Pegboy song?! Why would someone cover two Pegboy songs in a row? Nah, it couldn’t be…

That should give you an idea of the randomness in which you can see an amazing band play at SXSW. The show was free and we caught the last four or five songs, including a cover of Naked Raygun’s “Understand” as a nod to the slew of Naked Raygun reissues that recently came out. It was indeed Pegboy. Well whaddya know?

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