April Fooled

April Fooled

Dear Ian–

I read with some alarm your April editor’s note about the legal action against your mag. Although my outrage is useless to your cause, I still wanted to say that ur magazine is the BEST of the music mags; especially the look.

It’s not clear from the editorial whether ur closing up shop? Please let me know.


Johnny- Thanks for your genuine concern and your kind words. The Kelloggs Lawsuit was part of our ongoing April issue tradition of stretching things a little bit, and sometimes outright lying. We didn’t think anyone would really believe that a cereal company would take on a regional magazine over the use of the number 19, but I guess these are crazy litigious times and it may not be as far-fetched as it sounds. You’re not the only one who fell for the stunt, if it’s any comfort. Other works of fakery in our April issue (listed here for completeness’ sake) are the interviews with George W. Bush and the Crack Rockers, Stephen Hawkins Voicebox, and reviews of the Albanian Laundry Babes, Alien Monkey Love, Fugazi, The Mister Koffee Experience, Naughty Appliances 4, One Nation Under Yo!, Seven and Three Quarters, Skankin’ for Jesus, and Strokin and Chokin. Quit pestering your beleaguered record store employees. And speaking of that Fugazi review…

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