Hit Me One More Time

Hit Me One More Time

Hi Gail —

I just wanted to thank you for your kind words about our song, “Love Of A Lifetime” [“What a Girl Wants,” April 2000]. I’m glad it makes you buy more clothes and believe that you will find that soul mate. Yes, it was the #1 wedding song in Bridal Magazine in 1991, but when you said, “The only real hit Fire House ever had”, I must let you know the we had a few more.

“When I Look Into Your Eyes” went to #7 in Billboard top 100, “Don’t Treat Me Bad” went to #14, and “I Live My Life For You” went to #27. We had 2 other songs that mid-charted: “All She Wrote” and “Reach For The Sky”. We also had another song called “Here For You” that did REAL well until Epic pulled the plug on it after 2 weeks out to resuscitate Michael Jackson’s HIStory album that was in the toilet with over $10 million in promo behind it, but that’s another story.

Anyway, I hope that next time we play in the NYC area you’ll come out and see us live. We play “Love Of A Lifetime,” and maybe listening to it, you’ll want to but a T-shirt!! hehe.

Thanks for listening to our music…

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