Not MY Fugazi

Not MY Fugazi

To whom it may concern —

I can only assume that the Fugazi “review” in your April issue was someone’s idea of a joke. Well, I don’t mind telling you, it wasn’t very funny. How can you insult the integrity of Fugazi? This is a band that refuses to cowtow to the music industry, that only does what is decent and right. They slept on my floor once, and we all had a nice Vegan meal the next day – they even did the dishes (with organic soap and a loofah). To imply that they would ever sell out to “the man” and go corporate is opposed to everything Fugazi – and I – stand for, joke or not. I’ve always recycled your magazine after reading it, but from now on, I’ll skip the reading part and just have it pulped for post-consumer cardboard packaging.

sXe for life,

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