Ass Ponys

Ass Ponys

Some Stupid with a Flare Gun

Checkered Past Records

Some Stupid with a Flare Gun , the fifth studio album by the Ass Ponys, is an excellent collection of songs that fall somewhere under the “Americana” or “Roots Rock” umbrella. Technicalities aside, Some Stupid showcases great songwriting, grooves, and harmonies with an edge. It’s that edge that makes them so appealing. A cornucopia of layered guitar tracks give this album a very full sound. At first listen, the vocals of Chuck Cleaver seem a bit abrasive and off-pitch, but it only takes a few songs to warm up to his unique style while he sings first about death, then about life, and finally about disappointment and sadness. This album doesn’t attempt to glamorize the hard life, but instead focuses on the harsh reality of it all.

Checkered Past Records, 1456 North Dayton, Suite 295, Chicago, IL 60622;

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