We are the Romans

Hydra Head

Director — “OK, baby, now show me pissed. No, really pissed… great, babe… now give me pissed, but complex…. great! OK, now show me some teeth… teeth say angry so well… OK, now give me some abstract emotion… there ya go, baby…”

Botch brings the anger, but the first description I ever heard of them was Don Caballero mixed with new metal a la Dillinger Escape Plan. I wouldn’t expect that from this band, but do expect good things. Really good. They remind me more of Deadguy in their early days. The scream is there, that certain Inchoate thing that makes bands sound angry even if they are playing tech metal. The tech metal is also certainly in evidence… little snippets of Shellac or Don Cab in the midst of some serious fury.

If you like the new style of metal-core that is invading these days, then this band should do you like you like to be done. Also, make sure you catch this band live, I hear the light show is spectacular.

Hydra Head, PO Box 990248, Boston, MA 02199,

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