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Divit’s incredibly short, 19-minute 7-song EP defines itself in unoriginality within the first ten seconds, reproducing almost exactly a portion of the introduction to Green Day’s “Panic Song.” From there, they punk-rock themselves through a series of No Use For A Name audio dopplegangers, and sound so desperately impressionistic that it’s a shame Fat Mike didn’t just sign them out of pity.

Lyrically, Divit is nothing to write home about either, as each song is more or less depressing and loathing enough to stick in Trent Reznor’s mouth. Then there’s the album’s final hooray, a rendition — or, more appropriately, a reproduction with more distortion — of Tom Petty’s “American Girl.” If anything, a band so inclined towards punk could have easily turned Petty’s song into the charging riot potential it shows but true to form, Divit just shadowed. It’s not as if the band is terrible, though, as their music is tight and their punk rock sensibility is somewhat mature. They just haven’t found their sound, and pilfering from others won’t get them anywhere.

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