Her Space Holiday

Her Space Holiday

The Astronauts Are Sleeping Vol. 1

Skylab Operations

Her Space Holiday

The Astronauts Are Sleeping Vol. 2

No Karma

Her Space Holiday is moniker for Marc Bianchi’s recording project. (Bianchi also runs the respected Audio Information Phenomena label.) The songs on these two CDs were recorded between 1996 and 1998, and are drenched with minimal, dreamy ambience created by guitar and synths. Amidst all the spacious atmospheres are nestled some fine songs. They are personal and tender. The melodies can be slow-moving, but give them a chance and they’ll hook you.

Dim candle-lit rooms or a moon through the window seem to be nice settings for this music. Soothingly languid.

Skylab Operations, P.O. Box 4376, Salisbury, NC 28145-4376; www.skylaboperations.com; No Karma Recordings, P.O. Box 71203, Milwaukee, WI 53211-7303; www.nokarma.com

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