Jake Mandell

Jake Mandell

The Placekick EP


This is a cute little 3″ CD from one of the more creative electronic experimentalists around. This 18+ minute CD comprises a continuation of some of Mandell’s earlier drum n’ bass work. But this is no standard “let’s chop up the Amen break” type beat works. Mandell has a supreme sense of composition of melodies and rhythm and is able to cluster intricate blocks of sound.

The Placekick EP may be one of the busiest electronic beat albums I own. None of the beats ever stays in one place for very long; they rebound off of the walls while the melodies jitter across the floor. Mandell’s actual sounds are as original as the beats. Unlike so many artists, I can’t figure out which overused piece of gear these sounds come from. There may be 303’s 808’s, and DX-7’s here, but they are cleverly disguised enough that the listener doesn’t even notice.

This EP leaves one itching for more.

Carpark Records, P.O. Box 20368, New York, NY 10009; http://www.carparkrecords.com

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