Fueled By Ramen

Pollen is pop punk by default. Their music is fast and cluttered with distortion, and they’re too fast for indie-rock but not catchy enough for very much pop. So, with a vocalist that sounds like he’s desperately trying to put on his best punk rock voice, and songs that fly by with more speed than passion, Pollen takes the mediocre pop punk title. Very mediocre.

The music on Chip is rather homogeneous, playing out like one big song with thirteen short pauses. To their credit, the album does sound like the band took their time writing these pop punk ditties, as there are distinctive introductions, bridges, and even a few stops. But, the energy level and excitement coming through their instruments is roughly that of a sedated turtle, leaving a rather lackluster shell of music with not much depth. At best, Pollen is just boring, sounding like a high-school garage band that got a break a few years too early.

Fueled By Ramen, PO Box 12563, Gainesville, FL 32604

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