So Takahashi

So Takahashi



NuBus spans the gamut of glitch music. It is slightly Ovular in substance, but very Ikeda-esque in form. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well get with the program, Mac! Glitch is the moniker given to all of these new reductionist electronic musicians. Like La Monte Young distilling music down to its primordial drone, this school of composers find their sources in the skip of a CD, crackle in

a record, and hitch in the tape. If there is a ghost in the machine, these musicians have found and trained it. So Takahashi takes a more melodic approach than much of the Mego crew, and a less shrill approach than they do, as well. One could say that this is downright palatable. But it may sound too much like their printer for many people to digest.

Carpark Records, P.O. Box 20368, New York, NY 10009;

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