Super XX Man

Super XX Man

Vol. IV


This is Scott from Silver Scooter’s solo project, take four. The first two volumes were tapes, the third was a seven inch. Previous to this, I had only heard the third, but judging from that, there has been a clear jump in development. Scott explains in the liner notes, “Somewhere along the way I realized I was still in love with the music my parents made me listen to on those long drives in the family motor home, and I found myself embracing a style of music where performance and recording quality stands for something.”

So that quaint, homey, lo-fi four-track sound has been traded in for something cleaner and fuller yet equally as warm and personable. No, actually it’s warmer and more personable ’cause you can hear all the details, making it seem all that much closer. The songs seem more finely honed as well.

Eleven quiet, country-tinged pop songs with some nice added textures from keyboard and pedal steel guitar. Sweet and intimate. A nice surprise is the added vocal harmony from Eric Metronome on “The Destroyer.” Two of my favorites on one song together!

Scott seems to have made the move from dusty four-track bedroom pop to an album that stands to be listened to for years in the family room. Good songs presented well.

Peek-A-Boo Industries, P.O. Box 49542, Austin, TX 78765;

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