The Frownies

The Frownies



Conway, South Carolina’s finest, brought to you courtesy of New Yawk label Fastmusic. Not quite hardcore, definitely not emo, every now and then giving me a momentary Dischord flashback, these songs refused to be pigeonholed. Makes for a difficult review, but a fine CD.

Song lyrics range from the rigors of touring, to broken relationships (both friendships and loves), to living in a tourist town. Very solid throughout, props to Fastmusic for finding a good regional band I’d never heard of. But disregard the mildly disturbing cover art, while I’m not sure exactly what would work for the Frownies visually, suffice to say this cover doesn’t.

Fastmusic, 401 Broadway #2011, New York, NY 10013,,; Frownies, 1022 Waccamaw Dr., Conway, SC 29526,,

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