The Jimmies

The Jimmies

2 New Ones 3 Unreleased Old Ones

No label listed!

This 5-song EP by a Portland band that’s apparently been around for a good decade not only doesn’t list a label, there’s not one iota of contact info on it anywhere. D’oh! Now if this were sucky, like so much stuff I get for review, no prob. But it’s quite good. The first song reminds me a bit of some of the harder-edged early-punk influenced guitar rock that used to be put out on NKVD Records, like the Gamma Men or the Exploding White Mice, while the second cut has a distinct mod feel to it. These 2 cuts will be on a full-length that should be put out by Panic Button Records by the time you read this, called Let the Fat Men Plunder . The last 3, previously unreleased demo cuts go back towards the guitar rock mentioned earlier, with a touch of hardcore in the drumming on the closing instrumental. Since you probably won’t be able to find this EP-CD, look for the full-length on Panic Button.

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