Three Years Down

Three Years Down

Texas Confidential

Offtime Records

Seven cuts by this quartet, whose origin appears to be either Texas or California. Straight ahead guitars fuel a hardrockin’ punk attack. While the cover art is in keeping with the title, its gratuitous violence (a still from the Zapruder film, perhaps) is unnecessary and is a distraction from a fine record. The last cut, “Richie White,” should be listened to carefully, after the song ends you (eventually) hear a phone message left by some absolute prick (he concludes with a smirking “have a nice day”) denouncing the band and saying the band’ll never get booked in “my” town. Just shows you what kind of jerks musicians have to put up with out in the real world you don’t see on MTV.

Offtime Records, PO Box 479176, Chicago, IL 60647;

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