Science classrooms need more cool shit in them!

Science classrooms need more cool shit in them!

Fuck, I had a horrible dream the other night. I was back in high school. I’m sitting in this science class, and I look around and there are no cool posters at all. No hanging skeletons, no brains in jars, or neato electricity things shooting across the room. Just dusty cabinets with the 1970’s paints chipping off them. God, it’s horrible. All these shelves and glass cases, closets, all full of spider webs, stashed gum wrappers, etc.

I was so pissed. For the rest of the day, after waking up, I kept waiting for the right opportunity to bring it up in conversation, but never had the chance. I would have though. If I had come across a science teacher I would have really let them have a piece of my mind.

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