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Five-Oh, No (aka “Hoping for the Beast”)

Miserable wretch policemen.

I have had it up to here (can you see? Here!) with jive-ass Police Officers. In the past months I have seen not one example of that old stand-by “Good Cop, Bad Cop.” I have seen plenty of “Asshole Cop, Asshole Cop,” and not one iota of kind, brave, stand-up police ethics.

Number One:

In the past two years, in NYC alone, police have shot down three separate innocent victims. “Three,” you say? “Well, for a city that size, three is understandable.” Well, no. The three victims I mentioned were all shot for one reason and one reason only:

They were black.

The most notorious in these parts is the case of Amadou Diallo, who was pulling a wallet (a wallet, for Christ’s sake – how could anyone normal, much less a trained police officer, mistake a leather wallet for a firearm?) out of his back pocket and was promptly shot …. forty-one times.

Number Two (I’m remembering grade school, and asking for bathroom passes):

The Boss himself, Mister USA, Brucie Springsteen, just penned a song about the Diallo shooting. While I don’t condone this rich fuck making cash off of pain and stirring up the waters of an already dark situation, I am appalled at what the NYPD did in response to some shows of Bruce’s at Madison Square Garden (and I must be pissed to use that lame word “appalled”):

Upon hearing that The Boss would be definitely playing his new song (“American Skin”) at the shows, NYPD in its entirety was prompted not to attend these concerts, and also not to moonlight as security for the show, which mooching police officers often do so they don’t have to pay the sky-high ticket prices.

Now, these are pretty dumb things for the police force of the most meropolitan and well-known city in the world to do, expecially when they are in the public eye as we are in New York. But, this one has to take the cake…..

Number Three (“Does that mean you have to go lemonade and chocolate, Edward?”):

The day after yet another fatal shooting of an innocent immigrant – this being the second or third in line of the triple shooting, I can’t remember – NYC Police Commisoner Howard Safir (yup, S-A-F-I-R, remember that kids, when the Sixth Reich comes, he’ll be in charge) issued a statement to the press that announced the following bit of humorous passage:


Now imagine that little piece-of-shit remark, only ten times bigger and on the front page of every maazine in the Tri-State area, and you’ll get a fair idea of how much of an asshole this guy is. He was, of course, refering to the fact that not one cop was shot in the line of duty, while the suspect….well, while the suspect had nothing to say against the NYPD. He was dead after all was said and done.

To add just a little bit of class to this circus, we add in a dose of Hizzoner, the Orignal Nazi himself, Mayor Rudy Guliani. The day after S-A-F-I-R made his remarks about the dead man on his hands, Fooliani attempted to add his two cents to the bucket by BREAKING THE LAW and releasing the victims sealed criminal record, just to show the adoring public how in danger they were before the police came along and removed this threat.

I seem to have nothing good to say about cops today, huh? I better hope for the best, then…..I live in the Bronx. (bang…pow…ka-blam!)

As of this writing not too much has changed. Hizzoner has apologized to the victims family for releasing said sealed criminal records.

A couple weeks ago, Guliani announced (over the course of one week) that he would

  1. not be running for the NY Senate seat,

  1. he was breaking up with his actress wife, and that he

  1. had cancer.

S-A-F-I-R decided to announce that he had the exact same cancer the following week. Loser.

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