Georgia Satellites

The Georgia Satellites

Music Midtown, Atlanta, GA • May 5, 2000

‘Tis a strange sight to see the former overlords of Atlanta’s late night scene performing in the daylight, but hey, that’s what a music festival is all about. The Georgia Satellites helped ring in the Music Midtown Festival in typical fashion — loud. Bolstered by the addition of Joey Huffman on keyboards (he usually is off with Matchbox 20), the band didn’t pull out any surprises, but then again, that’s not why you go to see the Satellites. You go to hear 3 chord bar rock, and the crowd, which grew to a few thousand by the end, seemed to have gotten what they came for.

Opening with “Muddy Water” and continuing on down the hallmarks of rock and roll, Rick Richards proved why he’s revered by those in the know for his crash and burn guitar style and gravelly vocals. Rick Price led the band in a spirited version of “Deep in the Heart of Dixie” from the band’s mid-’90s European release, Shaken Not Stirred, but other than that, it could have been Monday night at Hedgens. Granted, those of us who have followed the band since the early ’80s miss the interplay (and songs) of Dan Baird and Richards, but hey, you take what you get. By the time the band ended up with a medley of “Keep Your Hands to Yourself/Born in the USA/Hippy Hippy Shake,” lighters were waving, beers spilled, and the crowd boogied in that way that only serious afternoon drunks can do. Hell, for a few moments, even the Hacky Sack-kicking Phish-heads came down from whatever planet they normally inhabit and got into the music. Such is the power of the Georgia Satellites. All hail rock and roll.

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