Belief Links

Belief Links

Do you believe that there is too much government? Take this quiz and find out.

Feel like doing some heavy petting with a rattlesnake? Find out about snake handling.

Find out if the person you just gave your life savings to is a fake.

These folks believe that saxophonist John Coltrane is a saint. Anyone who’s listened to “A Love Supreme” would be hard pressed to disagree.

Believing in nothing is still believing in something.

Not sure where you fit? Start at the Religious archive.

“Make me one with everything”. Zen humor — this stuff cracks me up.

“I believe I can walk on hot coals!” “OUCH!” “I believe I need a doctor…” See if you can walk on fire, with Tolly Burkan, the leader of corporate and personal firewalking sessions.

Have you ever almost died? If so, the International Association for Near-Death Studies wants to hear from you.

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