PJ is the Man!

PJ is the Man

I have read your Ink 19 site a bunch for intelligent reviews and the like. Thought you might have some info on a guy named P.J. Olssen. He had a CD on Red Ink and toured with Beth Orton, Placebo, etc… and I’ve heard he has a new CD coming out in the near future. I was hoping for some info here. any news would be great — thanks.

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Julio Diaz replied: Thanks for your kind words! They mean a lot to all of us on the magazine. We ran an interview that Gail Worley did with PJ back in April of ’99 – which you can find online at www.ink19.com. He does have a new album out, and we should be running a review sometime soon.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Gail Worley’s interview with PJ Olssen is one of the best I’ve read ever! PJ is such a humble and real soul. Read the piece again, if you haven’t lately – it’s very unusual and very cool! Can’t wait for the new CD! Thanks Julio and Ink 19!

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Julio Diaz responds again: Thank YOU for your compliments! We’re all glad to hear that you enjoyed the interview. I’ve passed your note on to Gail, and I’m sure it will brighten her day. Thanks for reading us and for writing!

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