Where’s Ween?

Where’s Ween?

Dear Editor —

This e-mail is just to let you know that in Michael’s New World Calendar you have Ween listed as playing in Ft. Lauderdale on May 18th at the Roxy. I got so excited to see them because they are my favorite band. However, when I tried to purchase the tickets through Ticketmaster, I was informed that they are actually playing at the Roxy in Atlanta. I then verified this on Ween’s Web site. Extremely disappointed, I thought you might like to know as to avoid any more confusion with your readers and Ween’s fans.

• •

Julio Diaz responds: We certainly apologize for the error, and feel your disappointment — Ween is one of our favorite bands here in the Ink 19 offices, and we won’t get to see them, either! Still, while we do make every effort to make sure our dates are correct, occasionally our Andrew Version 2.1 Calendardroid does pick up a glitch. As the disclaimer says, always verify dates locally!

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