Agnostic Front

Agnostic Front

Riot Riot Upstart


Serious Angst from the invincible legends of NYC hardcore. The first song should be enough to prompt every single “confused” NYC “liberal” to pick up the album. It’s called “Police State,” and goes like this: “New York Police State! (repeat about five times)/Giuliani (repeat about five times)/Fuck you!” It’s minimalist, certainly, but packs a hell of a punch.

Riot Riot Upstart is about, as usual, the hardcore life, but it’s clear that the folks in Agnostic Front (sans Raybeez – RIP) are feeling the bite of being an adult, as noted in their songs like “Blood, Death & Taxes,” “Sit and Watch,” “Frustration,” “Sickness,” and “Nothing’s Free.” Check out the guest list: Lars Fredericksen, Billy Milano, H2O, the Fiendz, etc. Genuine HC from HC central, pick it up.

Epitaph Records, 2789 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90026

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