Skylab Operations

I was scared, because the first strains of the first song made me think of some song by Adam and the Ants… but no worries, it went away quickly. Maybe it was just the organ. Nevermind. AM/FM do carry a strong pop sensibility with them, though. Perhaps closer to the styles experimented with by Reservoir at times, but still pop. Good, fun, bright, from the heart pop. Then there’s the quiet side. Perhaps this is where the name comes from? Soft AM sounds, soothing and melodic, to a rougher “Yeah, we listen to some indie rock, so what” kind of vibe. Maybe Pavement meets Pink Floyd and they hang out in the grass and watch the clouds. It’s got a great beat, it’s waiting for the summer, it’s got shadows inside, but it doesn’t get you down… it gets you going. Saturday music for Sunday kids. Does that make sense? Listen again. Yeah.

Skylab Operations, P.O. Box 4376, Salisbury, NC 28145-4376;

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