AthFest 2000

AthFest 2000

Various Artists


Few “scenes” can survive the scrutiny of a compilation album. Often, things turn out to be nothing more than a handful of very talented bands sharing members and ideas with less-talented satellite outfits. In other words, it’s a one-crop farm, with perhaps some fresh veggies from Maw’s garden tossed in for the illusion of variety.

Not Athens. This compilation (and by extension, AthFest 2000, which will showcase most if not all of these artists) clearly shows that in Athens’ case, the bounty of music is not only diverse, but top-notch county fair blue ribbon produce. AthFest 2000 features entries in jazz, lush girly pop, the traditional twang associated with Athens, degenerate country, full-on rockers, and unclassifiables (like Japancakes’ space instrumentals). Just as important as the variety is the high level of quality and originality present in each and every one of these tracks. If you can’t make it to AthFest this year, you just may have to settle for this compilation… not quite the same, but certainly enjoyable.

Ghostmeat Records, P.O. Box 54693, Atlanta, GA 30308

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