Bald Rapunzel

Bald Rapunzel



Lush and melodic and moving into me. The first track is just the beautiful voice of singer Bonnie Schlegel, smooth and deep, I’m sure it’ll seep into my dreams. From there, it’s straight into an instrumental that shows you that this band is more than just individual players; Bald Rapunzel is a hand that holds music. We hear it all. Moving together into the next song, the melodies shiver and spin into a new groove. A liquid stream that supports the weight of the vocals. There’s definitely a pop element in the mix somewhere, but it’s buried perfectly between the growling of Karate-like guitars and sliver in your finger rhythms. Times change and we all change. The sounds are full, but the breaths taken between the chords are just as strong. Hovering somewhere on the edge of anger and joy, emo and alterna, this band rocks me to sleep, then rocks me awake… full on into life.

Resin Records, P.O. Box 5601, Washington, DC 20016-1201

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