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Big In Iowa

The band name comes from a quote attributed to the grandfather of one of the …

Big In Iowa

Bangin’ N’ Knockin’

Blue Rose/Immigrant Records

The band name comes from a quote attributed to the grandfather of one of the bandmembers. It seems that the grandfather was a very highly regarded musician in the 1950’s. When he was approached and offered a chance to tour with Jerry Lee Lewis, he declined the offer with a “No thanks, we’re already big in Iowa.”

This Cincinnati-based band has already been making quite a name for itself regionally, having won a number of Cammies (Cincinnati Area Music Awards) over the course of the last few years. With this release, they seem to be ready to take it a step further. Big In Iowa may very well realize a level of success that eludes most bands. Always keeping it fairly simple, they play a straightforward and energetic – but not majestic – style of Rock and Roll that hearkens back to some of the better late 60’s or 70’s rock and roll bands. It’s not really what I’d call “slick.” There’s nothing really new here, and certainly nothing here that couldn’t be replicated live. This recording could’ve been done in real time, as far as I know.

This is just good, simple rock and roll songs that a lot of bands could ALMOST do – if they’d just thought of doing it. They also convey good imagery in their lyrics without being too “deep.” These are the main charms of this band, as far as I’m concerned. I suppose that a lead singer who sounds a lot like a young Van Morrison probably figures into it as well.

Many of these songs would fit seamlessly into the playlist of about any classic rock station. It’s pretty damn good driving music as well.

Blue Rose Records, Rauheckstr.10 .74232, Abstatt, Germany ;

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