Car Bomb Driver

Car Bomb Driver

Official Bootleg

This 7-song, 14-minute EP “is a CD-R of previously released material and demos and should not be considered an official Car Bomb Driver Release,” whatever that means. This St. Pete quartet aims high with the offense factor, with only 2 of the songs out of seven even available for airplay due to language. Of course, with titles like “Dead Nude Girls” and “Electric Sheila” (about a love doll), Car Bomb Driver weren’t going for commercial accessibility.

Musically, we’re talking post-Ramonesia here: 3 or 4 chords, mid-tempo to middling fast, and one very simple rockabilly-inspired solo on the whole thing. Best cuts are probably “Donuts,” “The Sh*t,” and the tribute “I Just Wanna Be a Ramone.” The vocals and playing are just fine, but when a band picks offensive subject matter in order to get attention (a time-honored punk tradition) I’d rather it be done with a bit more clever or humorous lyrics.

Car Bomb Driver, 3600 38th Ave. North, St. Petersburg, FL 33713

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