From the creative mind of Germany’s Daniel Meyer comes a stunning new release that never disappoints. Taking his own path after former Cleen participant Thorsten Meier left the band, Daniel proves himself to be among the best sonic sculptors of our time. Following the pulsing album opener “Gattaca (schizo),” the amazing “L.S.D. Eyes” comes full force into the aural spectrum, shimmering with technical wizardry and pure electro energy. Solid dance beats and analog rhythms combine with eerie vocals to command attention. “Neuromancer” incorporates space age sampling with intense bass lines and catchy melodies. Rain drop sounds and other-worldly soundscapes introduce “Mimoid,” a techno breakbeat symphony of the highest order. The first half of the disc is very enjoyable and unpredictable with enough panache to set the stage for the main course!

“Anti-Arctic,” the album’ sixth track, comes on strong with serious dance grooves and distorted vocals. The pace is slowed down for the captivating “Harey” with guest female vocals by Vanessa. Imagine a darker, more brooding Delerium with more guts. “Raster” reminds of the reason I became abducted by electro music in the first place. A true culmination of expertly arranged song structures alongside a wall of sound that Cleaner pulls off, without a hitch. Just when you think the album could not get any better, “1984” kicks in showing a more commercial, yet equally daring sound that is a true treasure. Not long after, we are blessed with the most incredible And One remix of “The Voice” to ever make it onto digital media. Complete with Steve Naghavi’s unique vocals and newly added sounds with And Onesque aesthetics, this reinterpretation sets a new standard in remix talents.

For fans of creative electronics with excellent vocals and a bonus remix worthy of my vote for “remix of the year,” “Cleaner” shines brighter than a thousand suns.

Metropolis Records, P.O. Box 54307, Philadelphia, PA 19105;

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