Saddle Creek

Guitar driven emotional rock crawling with shadows. Driving and unrelentless, even through the breaks that slide down into whispers. Steady as streetside wishes, and all the traffic lights switch to yellow. Post hardcore, emocore, who knows. There are some hints of Fugazi, perhaps crossed with bands like Christie Front Drive or Giants Chair. Also some vocal strains that remind me of the angst you hear when listening to Bright Eyes (as I often do). Just hints, mind you. Cursive have got their own thing going on, and they got it going good. You feel the energy building up inside your chest, you feel the guitars driving you forward, you feel the drums push you harder. Then quiet, and you listen hard, because it’s like they’re letting you in on a secret. Not always one you want to know, and when you can’t take it, and just want to scream… they do it for you, bringing the song up and over the top. Full-on crescendo that could eat you alive if you weren’t so alive already. Eyes open wide seeing the music and an almost wicked grin breaking across your face in perfect time.

Saddle Creek Records, P.O. Box 8554, Omaha, NE 68108-0554;

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