Daycare Swindlers

Daycare Swindlers

New & Tasty

Vile Beat

It pleases me that “kids” are putting together original punk rock that sounds just like it’s supposed to and does to me now what it did to me twenty years ago… Am I now regretting not mohawking my hair when I should have? No.

According to their Web site, New & Tasty is over a year old, but so what? I just got it, and it’s doggone relevant to my current job.

Relevant? OK, here at Bondsteel, we’re working 14 hours/7 days. That’s just the grunts. Our “boss” is, literally, one of those “…there are 24 hours in a day, and that’s 24 hours you can work! There’s time to sleep when you’re dead.” By George, without knowing it, he quoted from the Daycare Swindlers’ “Crystal Meth”! Whoa, gnarly!

Lyrically, these great new generation DC punks belt out punk diatribes along the lines of the Dead Kennedys, especially “Sick Design,” “All American,” and “Rambo Cop.” Hmmm, I’d better throw “Lifeless Corpses,” “Tompkins Square,” and “Prison Song” in there as well.

Beatville Records LLC, P.O. Box 42462, Washington, DC 20015;

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