G.G. Allin

G.G. Allin



It lives!

No, it does not.

Merle Allin, brother of the very late G.G. Allin, put together this collection of live tracks and studio work as some sort of memorial to the most “original” punk of them all. I mean, where else are the punk rockers out there who perform in the nude, defecate on stage, urinate on stage – and then consume both and/or “share” it with the audience. Yes, Mr. G.G. Allin did all that and more – including being somewhat responsible for closing Orlando’s Club Spacefish.

But all that aside (including shoving microphones up his ass), the man and his bands (the Murder Junkies, the Fuckin’ Shit Biscuits, etc.) played great punk rock. In fact several of the tracks on this album are collaborations with Dee-Dee Ramone, and G. G. is/was recognized as a for-real punk musician instead of simply a heroin-addled exhibitionist (OK, he was that, too, but…). The disk contains several interview segments amidst the fifteen or so songs, including “I Wanna Rape You,” “I’m A Rapist,” “Bite It You Scum,” “Outlaw Scumfuck,” “Gypsy Motherfucker,” and “Beer Picnic.”

A classic collection one must realize.

ROIR, 611 Broadway, Suite 411, New York, NY 10012; http://www.roir-usa.com

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