The Goldentone Sessions


This eleven-minute, 3-song CD from Gainesville’s Honeygrind is available free at their shows. Although falling generally in the “funk” camp, a genre that’s not at the top of my fave list, this release does not have many of the shortcomings I usually associate with that genre. The lead guitar playing sounds more like progressive metal (with some jazz and world music overtones) than anything else, with distorto-wah and lots of weird sounds and very fast playing. The rhythm section is awesome – I am not one who usually comments on all-too-often-overlooked rhythm sections, but here, the bass holds down a groove while the drumming just goes off, yet without sounding overly wanky.

The singing is also fine, although it would be impossible for someone’s vocals to reach the technical prowess the instruments do here (without singing opera, anyhow). As it turns out, the singer quit, and Honeygrind is looking for a replacement right this very second. Somebody volunteer!

whineyg@gdn.net, http://www.gdn.net/~mikenliz/honeygrind/

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