Kathleen LaGue

Kathleen LaGue

Kathleen LaGue


Even though I had seen Kathleen LaGue play a solo acoustic set, it hadn’t prepared me for her self-titled album. I was taken aback somewhat by the verve and polish LaGue displays on the record, as I was expecting something far simpler. LaGue’s lyrics, which could work in a variety of arrangements, here are wrapped around a very smooth rock sound, firmly rooted in Seventies rock, with a sprinkling of funk and a smidge of soul. Think Sophie B. Hawkins singing with Steely Dan. LaGue is at her best with the brasher songs like “Over My Head.” She doesn’t seem to have as sure a footing on the disc’s ballads as she does when she can rock out. Without feeling pre-packaged or plastic, Kathleen LaGue looks to have a nice career a head of her filling the gap between Lilith Fair and Kill Rock Stars. Kathleen LaGue could make you want to listen to the radio again.

Kat LaGue Music, PO Box 121264, Nashville, TN 37212; http://www.kathleenlague.com

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