See You In the Next Life

Substandard Records

Man oh man, is this good. The lead singer has a voice with a bit of a rasp, and the band kicks out mid-fast, glammy punk that reminds a bit of early Generation X, or more recently, D-Generation (among the bands listed in their thank yous).

I dare you to listen to “If Wishes Were Horses” or “Moscow” and not be singing along and pogoing around the room. Extra bonus cool points for a surf/spy instrumental that doesn’t sound retro, the Valley of the Dolls (a GenX album title) inspired pill-OD cover, and the back cover showing them playing live, not on some big colored-spot stage, but in someone’s basement. These guys not only have the sound, but the glampunk look and attitude, the total package.

Go out right now. Get this album. If you can’t find it, just send Libertine some money.

Substandard, PO Box 575, Syracuse, NY 13210;

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