Mark Kozelek

Mark Kozelek

Rock ‘n Roll Singer

Badman Recording

If you know the Red House Painters, you know this man’s voice. Strong and melodic and clean, but never pulling any punches. Honesty hurts. Just close your eyes and listen. Melt away, float away, drift through each guitar string. The first song appeared on the recent Shanti Project Collection, alongside bands such as Low and Hayden, while the second song is an almost unrecognizable AC/DC cover… Mark makes it his own. Other songs may have been heard on recent solo tours, but regardless, it all fits together here, only seven songs that can last a lifetime. Acoustic excellence. I hear this in the back of an old car, driving down the highway at dusk, somewhere in the area of middle America. Caught between dust and chrome, caught between leaving and home. Mellow and moving, and in the country, but not country. These songs blaring out of the speakers on a mix tape, surrounded by Mark Eitzel and Will Oldham. The sunset has always just happened.

Badman Recording, 1388 Haight, No. 211, San Francisco, CA 94117;

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