Meisha Returns Meisha Forever

Music Fellowship

I love Meisha because they are willing to take their time. They don’t cave into this masculine bombast, their peers trying to push them into playing more notes than necessary. I daresay that Meisha have been to Notes Anonymous, and have learned their lesson: less is more.

Meisha have surrendered to the drone, and have formed a symbiotic relationship with it. Sometimes it seems that the soft piano and chiming guitar exist only to feed the primordial drone at the heart of this album. Meisha know what La Monte Young was getting at with his Theatre of Eternal Music, but they have no need to intellectualize it so. It lives and softly breathes on this CD, pure, simple, and rootless.

Drumless, this music has no anchor. There is nothing to tether it to the ground, nothing holding it back. Meisha is disciplined enough not to fly off like a rocket ship; instead they glide slowly into the horizon.

The Music Fellowship, P.O. Box 581035, Salt Lake City, UT 84158;

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