Monsieur Leroc

Monsieur Leroc

Le Slow Motion Boogie Woogie

Cornerstone RAS

From the mean streets of Los Angeles, via some crazed German in the Black Forest, comes Le Slow Motion Boogie Woogie, ten tracks that faithfully meet the expectations set up by a name like that. Monsieur Leroc loops, splices and collates bits and pieces of chickawa funk to arrive at a trip back in time, via a brief detour in the future. Funky beyond compare, Monsieur Leroc likes his beats on the groove, his bass towards the dub side and the ride to be smooooth. “Funky Schluepfer” has a dangerously low bass line egging on more dangerously low electric piano, as a strangled guitar chitters in the foreground. “Full Custom Sack pt 1” is a ballad played on a new drum set, tight rhythms rolling off loose drumheads while guitar and bass argue over what to have for dinner. “Jazzz” takes five minutes to come together for a glorious final minute, but by that time you’re so entranced that you can’t imagine the song ever being any different. Monsieur Leroc knows his stuff… long live le new funk!

Cornerstone/RAS, 16572 Burke Ln., Huntington Beach, CA 92647-4538

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