Mouse On Mars

Mouse On Mars

Niun Niggung

Thrill Jockey

Built by electronics but audibly crafted by little organic fingers and minds and hearts. There’s a definite human feel and playfulness that permeates this record, from the warbly trumpet and pastoral guitar strums on the first song to the dance-inducing ska-based “Yippie” that follows. “Mykologics” continues in a similar vein, bringing a slower, more dub feel to things. “Gogonal,” however, proceeds to take a sideways step, slipping into a funky dance mode that wouldn’t seem that out of character for Daft Punk. The range of exploration continues throughout the disc, but they keep things generally bouncy and very organic feeling. Very good.

Thrill Jockey Records, PO Box 08038, Chicago, IL 60608;

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