Nevada Bachelors

Nevada Bachelors

Hello Jupiter


Dear [band]:

Thanks for the record. I like it a lot, really I do, and I’ve been meaning to review it for [months] months now. Working on a backlog, you know.

Unfortunately, we just got the new Nevada Bachelors record in. And for all of [album]‘s charms, it seems to have been permanently displaced from its fair turn at a review. How can it compete against a song like “Jimmy’s Off,” which starts with the line “Names have been changed to protect the innocent”? “The Hook” sounds like a lost Queen track, or perhaps the Bachelors kidnapped Brian May and made him overtrack that signature guitar lead. “Mitzi and Darius/Matador” blends three broken hearts, as the Bachelors fade from the chunky escalator riff of the first part into a rejection ballad about the most popular label at the prom. “Bad Haircut” doesn’t seem to be about a haircut really, but it is quite Beatlesque in verse, with Cheap Trickesque choruses. And the closing “Buddy” is definitely the closing closer, a personal off-the-cuff moment about Yoda-mask-wearing party characters. Buddy is the man.

So, anyway, I tender my apologies. I know you’ve been waiting patiently in the pile for quite some time now, and the Nevada Bachelors just showed up last week, but I simply can’t resist their brash, pure pop perfection. I’m sorry, but I’m just going to play Hello Jupiter for the next couple of months. I’m sure we’ll do better with your next album, unless the Nevada Bachelors decide to release something around then, too.

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