New Coat of Paint

New Coat of Paint

Songs of Tom Waits


Fucking shit! Incredible CD. Get it. GET IT NOW!

Tom Waits’ lyrics in all their psychotic splendor, done by a host of crackerjack people. About the only way I can properly describe this thing is to compare it to drinking a bottle of good whiskey. That first drag comes on like an electric jolt, and after that, things start getting nice and smooth, and then later on it just sorta eases down into the couch and stares out through the window, watching the traffic and street people drifting by. At no point does any of this stuff fail to deliver.

The first track, by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, is one of those deals that would well and truly justify the purchase of the whole CD. That everything else which follows is also damn good is just icing on the cake.

Did I say get this thing?


Manifesto Records, 740 N. La Brea Av., Second Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90038;

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