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“Let’s see what pushing this BIG RED BUTTON will do…”

Novatron is the sound of galaxies collapsing. Imagine the chaos that occurs when the heavens disentangle themselves. The whole of humanity becomes insignificant in nanoseconds. Buildings vaporize under the sheer astronomical power. Hmmmm… maybe not vaporize, but Novatron sure do make my windows shake.

Anthony Di Franco is a member of the now-defunct Skullflower. Anyone who remembers the sludgy, steamroller might of that band know that Mr. Di Franco could build up quite a head of steam. Novatron translates the drony sludge-rock of Skullflower into deep and monstrous black ambient, the likes of which Cold Spring is known for.

With the exception of the first and last tracks, all of the 6 tracks on this CD have beats. Beats that sound like Godflesh at 16rpms. Skullcrushing beats. Di Franco’s bass is recognizable throughout the album; he wields it in the same way the Old Testament God wields his wrath. Occasionally dreamy textures find their way out of the tempest, but the crushing atmospheres eventually envelop them.

Recommended for those of you who like your coffee to have the viscosity of tar, and who take it with two lumps of coal.

Cold Spring, c/o Dutch East India, 8 Wellspring, Bilsworth, Northants NN7 3EH, England;

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