Burnt Plate no.1


Proem has filled Burnt Plate no.1 with that glitchy sound we have grown to love, that sound that is associated with Metasynth, and popularized by Autechre (oops, did I just say the A-word?) Never mind the similarity to that project, Proem is lovingly hectic, shrouding all of the thumping and crunching with simple but effective melodies. We are accustomed to the hard charging workouts that Proem starts the album off with, but when he slows the tempo down, things really begin to click. “Tether” has a gritty, granular undercurrent that is perfectly complemented with crystalline melodies, and a downtempo pace completes the picture. Proem really works the nuance in his music, and it is that which distinguishes him from the hordes.

Hydrant Records, Box 11393, Oakland, CA 94611;

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