Punk Ass Generosity

Punk Ass Generosity

Various Artists

Devil Doll

Enormously huge double-CD compilation of 1990’s punk rock from around the USA and other parts. Including Crank, Digger, Electric Frankenstein, Horace Pinker, Kid With Man Head, Lagwagon, Latex Generation, LES Stitches, Migraines, Millencolin, No Use for a Name, Pinhead Circus, Propagandhi, Sam the Butcher, Simply Kung Fu, Teen Idols, and 30 Foot Fall. It’s impressive not only in magnitude, but they’ve laid-out the tracks alphabetically, by band. What do I do with such samplers/compilations? Well, I trick the folks I work with into liking punk rock, because you know there’s at least one of these tracks they’re going to like…

Devil Doll Records, P.O. Box 30727, Long Beach, CA

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