Rick Rizzo/Tara Key

Rick Rizzo Tara Key

Dark Edison Tiger

Thrill Jockey

Rick Rizzo (Eleventh Dream Day) and Tara Key (Antietam) wrap guitars around each other like clever braids. It’s a collaboration that involved tapes passing back and forth through the mail from Chicago to New York, New York to Chicago. One would put forth an idea, the other would add to it. It’s a long distance aural conversation that worked very well. For the most part, Dark Edison Tiger consists of textural guitar drones accentuated by strums of melody. “As It Comes” has piano and other strings involved, and some songs have drums, but this record is unarguably about the guitars. It flows nicely except for “Low Post Movement In D,” which finds them heaving large rock boulders, which seem very out of place on here. I’m much happier when they let the guitars drift and murmur to each other.

Thrill Jockey Records, PO Box 08038, Chicago, IL 60608; http://www.thrilljockey.com

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