Alright… this shocked me. I got the latest CD from Pedro the Lion, and I was looking forward to hearing it, when all of a sudden I get this rock and roll outburst. Confused, I check the CD, and it’s Sarge. So I’ll review Sarge, sure. I’ll do it… but I’ll be thinking of Pedro. Unfortunately, it’s the last time I’ll be able to review anything by Sarge, because this is it. The last release, comprised of live songs, a couple of new songs, some rare tracks, and a few covers (most impressive is a fantastic version of “Time After Time”)… and Sarge is no more. I’ll miss ’em. Clean and upbeat, bright and light. Female vocals up front and carrying the music through space. Almost Throwing Muses at times, though more driving, timewise. Sharper than The Pretenders, but with the same energy. The guitars sparkle and fuzz, while the rhythm section creates the train tracks we can follow home. When the band slows down, it’s aching and mournful, but filled with survival. Perfect guitar crunch at times, and tunes that could be what all the emo kids take with them when they go picnic at the beach in the summertime. Highway drive, it’s just so fine.

Mud Records, 905 S. Lynn Street, Urbana, IL 61801-5205;

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