Four Hours Light

Deep Elm

One of those very rare Swedish emo bands, though the only thing that makes them stand apart from the rest of their North American peers is something that seems to seep through in the production. Maybe it’s me, but there’s a thin sound that makes me think of overseas. The lyrics are English, and the style is definitely drowned in the sounds of U.S.A., though here also there is a little bit of elsewhere tainting the mix. The influences sound a bit scattered. Like the radio transmissions got scrambled. There isn’t a solid sense of the time period that would best fit this music. Sometimes it’s definite Nineties, but there are smooth almost Sixties sounding harmonics, or touches of Seventies dynamics, Eighties aesthetics. Surprisingly, though, through all of this, there is a consistent rhythm that ties everything together. With everything together, it becomes something that’s very much worth the listen.

Deep Elm Records, P.O. Box 36939, Charlotte, NC 28236;

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