The Busy Signals

The Busy Signals

Baby’s First Beats

Sugar Free

Lo-fi indie rock techno hip hop sugar sweet pop. Samples flow like soda water, bubbling through the upbeat vocals and sunshine beats. Everyone gathers in a circle, holding hands and swaying, picking flowers and bustin’ moves like some sixties throwback hipster breakbeat DJ. If this isn’t springtime, I don’t know what is. The soundtrack music to some movie you’ve seen a thousand times, but the songs fit the scenes, and every time you get a part you missed last time. There’s fields of green, “…it’s a great day for taking it easy…”, picnics, seeing the one you love across the street, and running through the rain not caring how wet you are, you’re still overflowing with smiles. This music makes you feel… just… good. You can dance to the rhythms, you can space out on the strange sounds that trip up and out. You can just stare out the window and rock your head back and forth. It’s a dream.

Sugar Free Records, P.O. Box 14166, Chicago, IL 60614;

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